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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
                                                                        Star wars: Episode V.V
      Woe of the Worm
Before Han solo was frozen in carbonite and placed into the hands of the vile gangster, JABBA THE HUTT. The Beutiful Twi' lek dancer OOLA was forced to be Jabba's personal slave.
Under the twin suns of tatooine, in a large townhouse in the middle of Mos esly is were this tale begins, of a slave girl who dreams of fame and glory became one of woe.

First Day

Oola sat, as far as the leash that was around her neck allowed her to, from the mountain of flesh call Jabba the Hutt. She hug one of the pillows close to her body as if it could shield her from the leering eyes of her master. She was presented early that day to Jabba as a new "pet" by Bib Fortuna.

The elagent robes that she wore were stripped off and a flimsy one-piece fish-net dancing costume was hers. The black and silver slippers were taken and black,flat sandels were put on her feet. The black head-wrap with silver emblo was taken and a black leather headress with a silver headpiece was forced onto her head. The final insult was a steel collar with a black fiber leash attached, was forced onto her neck, making her Jabba's "pet".

Jabba sat/layed upon custums with a pipe in his mouth, smoke curled around his mouth. He would glace a Oola, his tongue would slide out and lick his drool covered lips. Among his retieners Jabba had a brown lizard monkey creature. It could speak but it was mostly crude words, it would call Oola names like "twirly worm" or "yum yum worm". Oola did not like that creature one bit. Jabba had quite a few body-guards standing around, all of them armed.

People would come seeking favors or bounty hunters would come dragging their prey. Jabba had a droid that would translate for him, it was a little repeative when translating questions. Oola wished that she had never learned huttese so that she could be ignorant of Jabba's demands. About mid-day, Bib Fortuna came to Jabba's side and wispered something to him.

Jabba rumbled a command and he "got up" and he got onto a hover sled. Oola wanted to walk beside him but Jabba wanting to have a arm rest, had her put right next to his barrel gut. She turn her head as he touched her face "So soft, like pure untouched lien." he said as the slead moved to an elevator. "I look forward to the entertanment you will give." Jabba wispered to Oola as the eleavtor went down.

The elevator come to a stop and the doors opened to large garage with nurmous vechlies. Jabba,Bib, Oola and the monkey were on the larger replusersled while the guards divded up. The garage doors open and the engines roared as it carried the load though the streets of Mos Eisley. The air was dry and hot as the vechies went though the streets. Oola tried to ignore the hand on her shoulder and glaced toward the buildings and the people of this town.

The building were sand brown and worned down as well as the people. The people wore brown drab clothing and the few faces Oola could see were worn and leathered. "Are they thinking about me? Or of him." thought Oola. The vechices came to another building on the outskirts of the town. Inside was a large luxery barge and two smaller  skiffs.

Jabba's repluser sled climbed a ramp to the right of the ship. Once inside, the sled came to a stop in the middle of the observation room, Oola quickly left Jabba's side and took a seat on the far of the room. Oola could barely feel the large ship take off. She look outside, beside the two skiffs next to the ship there was nothing but sand. She rub the steel collar on her neck "Were are we going?" she thought.

As time went on under the twin suns, Oola looked across the oceans of sand, she noticed something. Looking closer she wondered out loud "What are those?" "What are those?" came a robotic imitation. "Those are Banthas. Native to Tatoonie, they can be domesticated for food and transportation." said the little robot translator.

Before Oola could ask for more information, a sudden pull on her leash caused her to be pulled back to her master. Jabba's grubby hand stroked the space between the gap of her costume. "You must be bored of just looking at all that sand." he belched "You will see some real entertainment soon." Oola shuttered at the way he said "entertainment".

The barge came to a stop and Jabba, with his retainers, went to the top deck. Though they were under the red sails, Oola could feel the dry heat of the desert. "It would be impossible to run away in the day." she thought. Jabba took a spot near the rail of the barge with Oola wrapped under his arm. "Bring out the prisioners." ordered the hutt.

Beening pulled up by the guards, came three prisoners in chains. A human male, a male twi'lek and a green male humanoid wich Oola would come to know as a Rodian. The Rodian and the twi'lek had down-cast faces while the human had a cleatched jaw, possiblly preparing to face whatever Jabba had in-store.

Jabba spoke and the little droid translated "What have I done to desevere this? I gave you fair pay for the mechenese you brought but you steal from me after I pay you. Why?" And before Jabba could contine he was interrupted by the human. "Fair pay? Those were military grade weapons we had to sumgel here. You paid us nearly nothing for them. So we had every right to take them back and sell them to some one else."

Oola could feel the rumble of Jabba's gut and the tight grip he had on her shoulder. "Before you all die, I think you should be rewarded for your argagonce." translated the droid. Jabba moved Oola in front of him and in the veiw of the prisnanoers. Jabba put both of his hands on her shoulders and before Oola could reacted, Jabba slid off the top of her costume revealing her breasts.

Oola could not cover her body because Jabba, at the same time held Oola's arms to her side while exposing her. Oola squimed in Jabba's grip as the laughter from him and the guards cut though the air. Jabba let her go and she fell to the ground, she then huddled against a guard rail while holding her arms close to her body. Then she look down and gave a shreik.

Oola quickly backed up from the rail and once she felt something on her back she turned and buried her face into it. She had pushed her faced into Jabba's belly, she could feel the rumble of his laugh. "As my little one has just seen. Your graves will be here in the desert,were no one will find you as digest for a thousand years."

The rodian went first, Oola could hear him scream as he fell into the pit. The Twi'lek begged for his life with promises of great wealth, he hit the sand with a thud and was dragged in. The man so proud, so brave was crying, pleading for a second chance, he screamed the loudest. Jabba laught while remarking on their screams, Oola looked over the edge.

A mouth in the sand, tentacules lay, waiting for more prey. The Sarlacc was the creatures' name, a monster who could swallow a full grown man whole. It waited with it's mouth open  and when it decied that no more nursiument would come, it pulled back it's head back into the sand.

Oola's leash jerked, pulling her trembling form back to the side of Jabba. His hand slide across her breasts before trendry pulling her clothing back on her body. "As those scum get eaten for the next thousand years, they will forever remember the beauty of your body in my hands." Jabba cruely laught.

The rest of the journay went on quitly though Oola sat behind Jabba to avoid seeing his leering. I want to go home. I don't want this. I'm scared. Daddy... Were the thoughts of the slave girl, whose life was in the hands of a twelve foot slug. Oola looked out the window of the barge and saw a fortress in the desert.

The barage momenetry waited for a large metal door to open before vooming in. It was like the garage back at the town but much darking and foreboreding. The larage barage came to a stop in the cavaren.  Oola was forced to Jabba's side on his repluser sled, his hand wrapped around her shoulder.

Jabba's repluser sled went down the large ramp, then silently hovered though craved hall ways. The sled came to a eleavator and went in while most of the guards contined down the stone steps. As the elevavator when down, Oola could feel his slimy hands stroke her lekku. "You have long head-tails my little one, I look forward to seeing you using them." he said.

The evealator stopped and the doors slide open. Jabba slide off the slead, Oola also got up and walk alittle behind him. Oola thought the room looked like an adtence chamber which she was right.  A stone slab served as the throne with a arm rest for Jabba to rest his arm. Alcoves on the other side with tables and such for the comfort of his enterage. Is that a metal floor? Oola thought.

In the center of the room,covering a large space, a metal floor. Oola notcied that the floor had holes in it and there were joints in the metal. What is down there? she thought as she walked by. Jabba slide onto the stone slab while Oola took a seat at the another end by his tail.

Jabba then took a hookah pipe that may or may not was with him at the town house and began beathing the fumes. Oola sat with her arms wrapped around her knees and looked around. The members of his court were of many differant species and all looked very mean and very cruel. They wouldn't help me escape without a price that I would never give. thought Oola

Oola's leash began to tighten, she turned her face towards Jabba. "You look so lonely my little one, come sit closer." Jabba beckoned with his warty hand. Oola quarly crawelled closer to him taking a spot next to his massive belly. "Good Oola, soon I will teach you how you can please me." Jabba said while he stoke her back, fingering her costume.

Jabba then turned to a human that was standing between the metal floor and the throne "Go Melina, bring my harem here. They must see who my new pet is." The dark haired woman gave a bow, "As you command, master." she said, she turned and left the room. Jabba tighted his grip on Oola's leash, stretching her neck up "You will soon meet my other pets." he said.
Melina returned with a troop of girls, about ten in all. Melina gave a command and the girls sat on their knees on the metal floor. All of the girls were lovly, lithe and scadly clothed, They look so sad. Oola thought. Then Oola's leash became tight forcing her to grasp her coller, "This one's name is Oola, my schutta. If something were to happen to her that I did not know about. The consquences would be most sever. You are dismissed."

The girls quickly got up and left, Oola wished she could go with them. Jabba loosen his grip on her leash, allowing Oola to return to her spot on the other side of the throne. Time went by in the throne room, people came and went and the smoke from Jabba's pipe fouled the air. A man, pushing a large repluser table, came before Jabba's throne.

The man was wearing a apron and a chef's hat, He must be a chef Oola thought. On the table were lots of dishes with lots of food on them and Oola's stomach reminded her of eating. "Ah Porcellus, you always out do yourself." chuckled Jabba. The human gave a small bow "I do my best master Jabba." he said as he pushed the table in front of the throne.

Porcellus stood across the table as Jabba eye the dishes, Porcellus glaced at Oola "*ahem* So master, I head you got a new favorite in your court. So I preparded alittle something for her." he said. Porcellus took one of the bowels on the table and started to hand it to Oola. It smelled delicous and Oola streach out her hand to recive it.

"Porcellus put it over here." commanded Jabba, Porcellus did as he was told. Oola bit her lip for Porcellus put it back on the table on Jabba's side. "Manners, my little one. Once I have my fill you can have yours." Jabba said to Oola. Jabba then took the dishes that were set out for him and just dumped them into his gapping mouth.

Oola noticed that Porcellus was nerously rubbing his hands, How his life must be burdaned by the taste of his work. thought Oola. Once Jabba finished the last dish, he wiped his chin with his slime covered hand. "Pass me my little one's dish Porcellus." Jabba said, Porcellus quickly did as he was told.

Jabba took the dish and spilled it over his drooled covered belly, "Come and eat, for you have the privaledge to eat off my body." he said. Oola was quite replused You made me wait for my food and now you did that?!  Oola then shook her head "No, I will go hungry then eat it off of you." she said. "You should really do what he wants miss dancer." said Porcellus.

Before she could repley, Oola's leash became tight and she was dragged to Jabba's side. Jabba plucked one of the pieces of food from his belly. "Manners, my little spice spider, manners." he said as he forced the food into her mouth. Besides the ovious smell of drool it tasted good, Oola ate the piece of food.

"Good now, you can eat on your own or I will hand feed you the rest." said the hutt. Oola reached out with her hand to grab a piece when Jabba slapped it. "Since you refused the first time, you now must eat with only your mouth." chuckled Jabba. Oola stared at the food that had drool on it and her stomach growled at her.

I must eat so I might escape. Oola thought, she closed her eyes as she ate off the hutts body. She could feel the hutt's body rumble as she ate, out of pleasure or something else. "Porcellus you can leave, Oola is pleased." he said, Oola contined eating as Porcellus left. As she came to the last piece of food, Jabba picked it up and placed it on his tongue.

Oola paused thinking that Jabba took the last piece for himself but a tug on her leash implied he wanted something else. She came closer to his gapping mouth, the last piece of her dinner on his slime covered tongue. He can't be thinking that I would eat off of his tongue. she thought. Oola shook her head "I'm full, I don't want any more." she pouted.

Jabba pulled on her leash, his eyes commanding her to do it. She shook her head once more "No, you can have it." she said with some spite in her voice. Jabba's eyes glared in annyonce, he then grabed her neck and then forced the piece of food down into her mouth using his tongue. Oola franicly pushed against his belly as the slimed covered food slide down her throut.

Once he was finished, he let Oola go, Oola gasped for breath as she wiped the slime from her lips and chin. Jabba then grab one of her head tails and pulled it so she was looking into his eyes. "You will do what I desire, it will be easier for you if you just do it." Jabba cautioned Oola. He then pushed her to the side, onto some pilliows, Oola sat upright looking away from Jabba.

"Bib why don't I have a band to play for me?" said Jabba, Bib must have been standing right there because he was at Jabba's side. "Master, the last band to play for you was punished for displeasing you in their section of songs. But I have something else that you may enjoy." peddle Bib.

Oola glanced at both Jabba and Bib wonder what they were planning. "What is it?" asked Jabba, "Well master do you remember the pirate that was troubling your shipping lanes?" "Ah, that little bantha poop, what of him?" Bib smiled "Well right now he is in the master's dungoune wasting away and I thought of some amusment for the master."

Jabba's body shook "Yes, bring him here, I must watch." he rumbled. Bib bowed and then left the room with some guards. "This will be amusing." stated Jabba. Oola did not like the tone of his voice went he said that. In a short time Bib returned with the guards, who were carrying a bag.

Bib then had the guards openned the top of the bag. A head popped out, it was covered in dirty, greasy hair and a wild beard. The man's eyes had a wild, crazed look as he shouted cruses and profanitys at Jabba. With a wave from Bib, one of the guards grabbed the wild man's jaw and forced it shut. "Yep that's him alright." said Jabba as he tapped his chin.

Bib then wispred somthing into Jabba's ear, somthing that made Jabba laugh. Bib then turned to look at the prisioner "Due to your crimes against his highness, you will die and I will tell you how." sneered Bib "One of the Gamorrean will pick you up and then throw you as hard as it can into the floor. Then it will toss you into the arms of another Gamorrean and it will replie until you die, may you screams be great."

The gamorrean guard forced the man's head back into the sack and tyed it up. Then the guard lifted the sack and then threw it into the floor, the members of the court gave a laugh as the screams of the man in the sack grew. Oola's hands went to the sides of her head, trying to block out the screams and the laughter of the crowd.

After sometime the screaming stopped and just the sound of crushed body hitting the floor was heard. Bib gave another command and the guards stopped and took the blood soak bag with them to dispose of it. Oola couldn't stopped trembling First those men in the desart and now this poor man. What does he do to women? thought Oola.

Jabba smacked his lips "That was very amusing and now I want some personal entertainment." Jabba then looked at Oola. A chill went up Oola's spine as the thought of being murdered in some hidiuos way filled her head. "Shall I call Melina?" asked Bib, "Yes, have the other girls prepare my little one." said Jabba.

Melina quickly appeared and gave a bow "What is your command? Master." she asked. Jabba then tugged Oola's leash and gave it to Melina, "Take my sweet mint to the pit to be cleaned, I want her preparded for bed" he commanded. Melina gave a quick bow "As you wish. Master." She urge Oola to come with her which Oola quickly left Jabba's throne.

"I look forward to tonight my love." Jabba called after Oola. Oola followed Melina down into the lower levels of Jabba's palace. "Can you speak basic?" asked Melina, "Yes, I can Melina." replied Oola. Melina gave a chuckle "That's good, makes my job easier." Oola and Melina came to a door, "This will be the room you share with the others." said Melina.

Next to the Door, on a plaque it said "Dancers' Pit" and scrawled under it was "Schuttas' Hole". Melina pressed some buttons and the door opened. Inside was a spaceous round room, most of the girls that were present when Oola was introduced, were there. Melina clapped her hands "Aright girls, master wants his "pet" cleaned up, let's not keep him waiting."

The girls the in the room quickly got a tub of water ready for Oola. A human girl and a twilek girl came up to Oola. "Can we take your costume for you?" timiedly asked the human. Oola strugged her shoulders "Yes, you may." Oola replied. They took off Oola's costume and neatly floaded it.

Oola stepped into the tub, not big enough to put her legs in, she let her legs hang over the edge. Then the girls took small sponges and started to strub her arms and legs. Oola found it quite relaxing. The two twi'lek girls, one yellow and the another red, gently took Oola's Lekkus and used their sponges on them.

Oola really like the attention that she was getting, Maybe being a slave is not to bad. thought Oola. "Would you like to be called mistress?" asked one of the human girls. "Why bother, she is on the same plate as us." replied a near-human, a zeltron. "Please call me Oola." said Oola ignoring what the zeltron said.

Once the girls were finished rubbing Oola, they had Oola step out of the tub. They took small towels and dried Oola off. Other girl reapplied Oola's make up and add a glossy layer to Oola's tattooed lips. Then they clothed Oola in a black sheen hatler-top that was loosly tied. Then they slipped a tiny black bikini bottom ,that tied on the sides, on her hips.

Melina came over and looked Oola over, "Looking good, just have to do one squicky pat down." she said as she snapped a clear-glove over her hand. "What do yo-OH AH!" was Oola's reaction as Melina slide her gloved hand into Oola's body. "Clear, now turn around." said Melina. Oola's hands were guarding her crouch as she turned "Will you please tel-EEK MMH."

Melina removed the gloves and tossed them into the trash, "Just making sure that there were no surpires for Jabba to find." she said. Oola was rubbing her butt from the unanouced probing. "NOW will you tell me?! Why you just did that?!" Oola sourly asked. "Just as I said, no surpires for Jabba. Now follow me."

Melina, holding on Oola's leash, lead Oola back up the upper levels. They would accousnly pass some guest who would eye Oola's beautful body walk by them. "Why am I dressed like this, Melina? Wouldn't my dancing costume be just as good." noted Oola, since it seemed that her clothing attire became smaller.

"Jabba...likes to see the natural graces of the body without the distrations of clothing." she muttered. They came to the attenction chamber and went to the evelator. They went up and got out when it came to a stop. They came to a large metal door and Melina pressed some buttons and it openned.

It was dark inside, Milena brought Oola to the middle of the room. "Sit." she order and Oola went to her knees "Stay." Melina said as she quickly left the room, leaving Oola's leash beside her. The door slide shut and Oola was in the darkest room of her life. Why did she leave so quickly? Where is Jabba? were the twi'lek's thoughts.

She nervously shifted her body as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She could see somthing on a bed and by the smell she guess who it was. "J-Jabba? Are you there?" Oola said trying to get a responce. She could hear the sliding of a massive bulk comming towards her and then it stopped in front of her.

His disgusting breath filled the air around her, Oola waved her hand in the darkness trying to dispeance the smell. "Why is it so dark in here? How can I dance without any light?" Oola questioned. The sound of a gutted giggle could be heard and her halter-top being sudden stripped of her body caused Oola to bring her arms up to her chest.

"W-why do you keep doing that?! Are my clothes just wet cobwebs for you to rip off?!" Oola questioned the hutt in the darkness. *Breaths*"I want to taste you, my little one." wispered the hutt. Oola's skin craweled at that responce " That is a very strang-" and then it accurd to Oola on how the hutt spoke to her.

"Wait are you saying taste as in tasting food or are you saying taste as in..." Oola's eyes widen. "No! You...cannot be serious! I am a Twi'lek and you are a Hutt and...and...oh no." She scrambled to her feet and ran back to the door. She felt the panel and started to push as many buttons as she could.

"HELP ME! OH SOMEONE HELP!" she screamed at the door, she pounded on the metal door out of despreation. "HELP! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" she clawed at the door hoping someone would open it. She felt his presence behind her, spinning around, holding her arms close to her body she could feel tears come to her eyes.

"Please...oh please don't...don't." Oola sob as she slide down to her knees, huddling by the door. "Don't disgrace me. Don't take my honor. I want to go home. I go...home." Oola begged, as she cowarded before the hutt. The leash around her neck became tight, she was dragged up the slimy belly of Jabba the Hutt.

Oola's hands were at her collar, trying pull it off in desperation. The hand that held her leash now held her by the collar, she could feel drips of silva across her face. Hutt's face must of been inches away, his free hand stroked her belly. "You are home." laughted Jabba as he pulled the bikini bottom off her struggling body.

On the other side of the door was silence, no one could hear the pretty slave scream. No one to save her from Jabba's hands. No one cared, what happed to the dancing girl's honor. Jabba's court slept in silence in his attenced chambers. Someone was murdered in the lower levels for credits and that was Oola's first night as Jabba's slave.
A story that I am working on.
More to read on this site [link]

Star Wars belongs to George Lucas

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